In 1940, my father, amateur philatelist and underpaid school teacher in Amsterdam, Holland, made the investment of his life:
he purchased a newly issued series of Dutch stamps with denominations
ranging from 1 cent to 5 guilders!
In May of the same year, the Germans invaded Holland and the series was discontinued.
Throughout the War, he relished the thought of the auspicated
increase in value of this short-lived series of stamps and figured he
would be a millionair after the War was over.
Sad to say, the Dutch Government saw fit to resume the printing of this series
when the War ended . . .
Nevertheless, he carefully saved the stamps and entrusted them to me in 1950
when I took a bicycle tour of France (not at all like Armstrong)
My bike broke down and I had to hitch a ride in a newspaper truck to Paris, from where I shipped it home to Amsterdam by train.
To raise the funds for this unexpected expense, I had so sell the above-referred part of the family treasures, viz. the series of stamps. I was surprised how little I got for it, so much less than the catalog value.
But I promised father and myself to buy the series again when I would be rich(er).
So now I am scouting out E-Bay and also welcome any offers!

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