Since daughter Erika plans to move into our garage apartment we have to evacuate our garage so it can be turned into a play-room for the kids. That entailed moving dozens of boxes heavy with reports, papers and brochures which gravitated hither before and during my retirement. Fortunately, she appears to enjoy lifting heavy loads "to stay in shape", so I asked her to let me go through the boxes first to set up some type of inventory (especially now that I have installed Google-for-your-desktop).
One unexpected surprise was to come across the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" of April 10, 2000. After reading about the latest Dutch Navy scandal a few weeks ago, I had searched in vain for days to try and locate the revealing photograph of the boisterous female crew members of the H.M.S."Bloys" about to depart the Mediterranean. To my great surprise (c.q. "fringe benefit"), not a single copy of this photograph could be found on Google . . . not even though it has the word 'ogle" in it. So I hasten to remediate this failure in courtesy to acknowledge their generous gesture and herewith present "Holland's Glory" on the WWW !

Here, too, is the English translation of the Dutch text: [NOTE: the Dutch word for "crew" is "bemanning" and originally only referred to men.]

"Holland's glory aboard the frigate HMS "Bloys"

Female crew members of the Dutch Navy frigate HMS "Bloys van Treslong" bare their breasts for their foreign colleagues sailing past. The topless-act was intended as a playful farewell to the crews of the men of war constituting the permanent NATO squadron "Stanavformed" on the Mediterranean.
The naval staff was very perturbed and called the commandeing officer of the frigate on the carpet.

by Roy Klopper:
DEN HELDER, Monday: The Commanding Officer of the Dutch frigate HMS "Bloys van Treslong" has been called on the carpet by the Naval staff on account of a saucy striptease performed by his female crew members as a farewell to colleagues aboard other military vessels.
Before the frigate started her return voyage, there was a farewell sail bye of all other vessels forming part of the permanent NATO-squadron "Stanavformed" on the Mediterranean. Normally, during such traditional sail-pasts, only some water spouts are used and potatoes thrown.
Some Dutch Navy ladies had thought of a stunt which would make a more lasting impression on the crews of the other vessels. Standing near a bannerexpressing their hope to meet again, a few female saylors executed a provocative striptease for the international naval public sailing past.
In addition, the shipboard gun, the so-called goalkeeper, was transformed into a phallic symbol for this occasion.
Only much later it became clear that the Dutch striptease had been photographed from one of the other vessels. The Royal Dutch Navy surmises that this was the work of Italian colleagues. The reveqling pictures of the scarcely dressed Dutch Navy women soon made the rounds in the world of international marine fighting forces.
As soon as the Navy itself heard about this affair, the commanding officer of the HMS "Bloys van Treslong" was immediately called on the carpet. According to spokesman A. Meeldijk he (the CO) was told in unmistakeable terms that the topless act and the con(per)version of the gun were absolutely unacceptable. The CO had passed this message on to his crew.
According to the Naval spokesperson, the ladies involved have not been disciplined. "They have already been punished. They were shocked beyond words by all the commotion their action caused."
Moreover, the Navy deemed the dismeanor too small to serve as action for dismissal.
The Navy says that they learned from this affair. "The photograph was used recently in an internal course for our commanding officers as a deterrent example of what should specifically not be done", according to spokesman Meeldijk.

as a former Naval cadet and professor, I am, of course, in complete agreement
presenting these photographs as educational tools.

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