At a "Petrol" Station in South Africa last month, I had some urgent business to accomplish, so I asked the attendant where the toilet was.
He stuck out his hand and pointed: "Right around the corner, Sir!"

I ran around the corner and kept going and looking, turning another two corners before finding the next living creature, who pointed me in the opposite direction.
But since I had only one more corner to turn, I did so and returned to the original attendant.

"Sorry, I cannot seem to find it", I explained apologetically.

"RIGHT around the corner, I said, SIR!" was his emphatic response.

So off I went, this time much slower even though the pressure had increased unbearably.

And hurrah, in big white letters at the end of a small dark passage immediately behind the front wall, it clearly said "HERE" !

Upon my return, I told the attendant that I had easily found it this time and that I appreciated that it had been so clearly marked: HERE

He shrugged his shoulders about this ignorant American who did not appear to know that "here" is the Afrikaans word for "men" . . . .and I left him under that impression and without further explanations.

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