World Gold Holdings 2005and2008 and some more facts about Gold - Ben Oostdam story # 550

Ben Oostdam story # 550


2005 and 2008

and some more facts about Gold

The world official gold holdings (December 2008) in tonnes
as reported by the World Gold Council
World Gold reserves (or gold holdings) are held by
central banks as a store of value.
The world gold reserve total 29,697.1 tonnes, or in excess of
29,697,100 kg, 954,798,572.48 troy ounces,
with total value at today gold price equal to about US$753 Billion.

As one metric tonne equals 1,000 kilograms (or 32,150 troy ounces),
one tonne of gold equates to a value of US$25 million
at January 2009 gold prices (US$861.34/troy ounces).
The world gold reserves as reported by the World Gold Council
(December 2008) as shown in the breakdown of individual countries.
(note by BLO: link to source below lists 106 countries)
USA - as independent countries - has the largest gold reserves.
But in total the Euro Area (incl. ECB) have the largest gold reserves
(10,886.8 tonnes as of December 2008).
Note: Value of Metal is calculated as of January 21, 2009. takes no responsibility for any misapprehension.
source of above info for 2008 (Bill Chiam)

World's Biggest Gold Reserves, 2009 - slideshow by CNN


(1) Short Term:
24 hours Spot Gold (bid) - November 25/7, 2009

(2) Intermediate Term:
120 Days, One - Five - and Ten Years Spot Gold, ending in 2009

(3) Long Term:
1975 to 2007 Spot Gold

CAUTION: do not let the red colored interpretation shake your trust in graphs....or gold

"As you can see" ........"trapped in a US$ 200 trading range" ..."from US$400 to US$500"

whereas I clearly see:..."trapped in a US$ 300 trading range" ..."from US$200 to US$500"

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