Ben Oostdam's story # 183

Giford Ewing's Grandson

Several years ago when I wrote my autobiography section about Scripps in the early 1960's,
I included this page of S. California Airphotos.
To-day, the following correspondence "emanated" from this action:


My grandpa was Giford Ewing, what can you tell me about the photos?

Edward Philbrick
San Marcos CA

Hi Ed:

Sorry I cannot tell you much about the airphotos, except that they were taken on a flight
with your grandfather who was a guest-lecturer in one of John D. Isaacs or Douglass Inman's
classes I took in the early 1960's.

I think he was particularly interested in the effects of wind on the sea surface, slicks,
and similar phenomena. I recall being very impressed both with your grandfather and with
the use of airplanes (balloons, helicopters, kites and satellites) as "platforms" to study the oceans.

Glad you found my site: What are you yourself up to?

Best wishes!

Hi Ben,

Thanks for posting the photos. I recognized his plane and how the coastal development has changed our coast.
I work about 500yds from Palomar airport in the photo. I watch the planes take of out my window.
I work for a software training co. in operations.
I have a great love for the ocean.



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