Ben Oostdam story # 184


Earlier, I described the conversion of the top of our garage to an apartment, in the early 1990's. Then Steve Wales and Erika Slaugh renovated the apartment in May-June, 2006 (reference to follow?) In the meantime, Erika and Mercia urged me to build a "basement-room" below, occupuing about 1/2 of our garage. Once before, I had built three temporary walls to prepare a central room, but now two of these walls, including the "hanging one" suspended by clamps from the central metal I beam, had to come down and were recycled.
The idea was to come up with an insulated L-formed space separated from the rest of the garage - (yellow color on the sketch) which is not heated or air-conditioned.

In the foot of the L there would be a door connecting the two parts of the garage (see right)

The first part of the conversion was "forced" on us by accepting Aspen's quote to install new windows (green) in the back and side of the 25ft x 40 ft garage building. This was the most expensive part of the project.
Other "outside" help included the installation of 3 vents (red lozenges) in the existing ducts originally installed by Rohrer.
Leakway was asked to remove their existing hand-operated 10 ft sliding garage door, which one man (John) managed to do in less than a half an hour! Greg Slaugh happened by and wanted to take the dismantled door and tracks.
picts of Leakway and Greg

The "in-house" help
was provided by Erika
and Paul Slaugh and
his friend Matt.

My old companion
construction worker
Harry Ashley,

helped with hanging
the inside door and
the windows in the wall
replacing the sliding door.

Plenty of distractions were provided when Paul and his friends discovered that they could dig through the piles of junk (?) in the other part of the garage and establish a fortress there, much to the delight also of Parker and Lexa who in addition learned to use some tools. Some random photographs of these events follow below:

(please click to enlarge)

July 18, 2006: digital camera seems 'off', but here is my first new wall showing the colorfull insulation pads recycled from an older wall.
We also found an alternative use for Weis paper shopping bags...
July 21, 2006: the back wall showed some interesting structural geology cracks and crevasses, which we patched with expanding foam.
On the left, you can see the 2x4 rack in the "other part" of the garage, which we snatched and turned 90 degrees so it could help serve as a wall....
This is referred to as "Paul's frame", because I had him design the whole structure and then build it, together with Matt, of course!
We will dispense with critique re perpendicularity, flawless measurements in the awkward Britisch system fo inches, eights, thirty-seconds, etc. (poor kids...)
Rather have a look through the newly installed window at the colorful backyard!
Also note the use of tar-paper or asphalt-paper as it is now renamed (?) attached to the back of the 2x4 frame by roofnails.
Here "Paul's frame - once erected and sledgehammered into place - is filled with insulation material - a sticky racket - and attached using the stapler we borrowed kindly from Steve.
When we ran out of the Kraft backing we used Weis' shopping bags: "WE DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU"
Note at the right an existing set of shelves into which or upto which I pushed Paul's frame.
to do so, I had to remove anything on the other side of those shelves.
To make a long story even shorter, I had to ask Harry to bring his wrecking bar later to help pry loose the shelves so I could replace them with the neatly insulated "BLO-frame" wall shown below.

The evolution of the foot of the L-space:

July 22
turning existing
2x4 rack
90 degrees

July 23
installing boards
to form back of
new 2x4 frame wall

July 27
fitting insulation
and drywall to the
corner of "Paul's frame"

July 30
I spent Sunday
morning building
this door frame

August 4
Harry and I hung
the metal door on
Aug.1, and I did
the drywalling

(please click to enlarge)

August 18
The "BLO-frame" for the rear wall

This was a simple 8ft x 8ft frame
requiring 9 2x4 studs.
I laid it out on the floor
on the front side and had a
heck of a time erecting it
all by my now 74 yr old self,
On the left it abutts Paul's frame
on the right the bathroom wall.
Note the obstructory vents!

August 21
The front wall

This shows some details of
hiding the light switches
between the front door
and the new window.

I will stop here and may add
more later, d.v.

Why do not I work faster?
Because there is no great rush
and because of other projects:
mowing, WWW site, and a nasty
open sore on my ankle
which requires rest and hospital visits.

BLO fecit 20060821/2