ERIKA pro sé


This catching title was used for a detailed story describing Erika's continued legal fight as a defendant in a divorce case filed by her legally represented husband.

For strategic reasons, we decided not to "publish" the story until after the scheduled Hearing, now set for March 23, 2006.

With apologies for the excruciating suspense.

UPDATE, April 18, 2006:
What a shame . . . still no word from the two judges,
so one can imagine poor Erika's quandary and admire her patience....

As a consolation price, you may take this look at her!

UPDATE, May 27, 2006:
Believe it or not, but the response of Judge Gorbey to the Hearing was dated May 10, 2006, and I just had to borrow Greg's copy - which he received around May 20 - because according to the Prothonotary's Office they mailed Erika's copy to the address of Dan Space, her ex-boyfriend turned vindictive. They were going to mail another copy to Erika, but it has not arrived yet.
So these are the links to see:
  • Erika's Brief re Exceptions and
  • Judge Gorbey's Opinion and Order.

    More later, I assume ...

    BLO fecit 20060303 for publication after March 23, 2006; suppl.20060527 - stories