During one of our last KIM (Royal Dutch Naval Academy) reunions, I heard about my class-mate, Hans Besancon, discovering the wreck of the Dutch submarine which his father commanded in World War II.
Just last night, I ran into the fairly complete story dealing with this event, titled :
"Dutch officers find their fathers' lost submarines."

I also chanced on some (Dutch) radio interview dealing with the Dutch submarine "O 16" and the celebrated Dutch geophysicist Vening Meinesz who did gravity measurements at sea in Dutch submarines in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean and subsequently in the Caribbean with the American Navy.
Part of this, I recorded earlier based on my talks with Drs. Richard Field and Robert Dietz concerning the role of Dr. Harry Hess of Princeton University, who had accompanied Dr. Vening Meinesz in the Caribbean in the 1930's and proposed the "seafloor spreading" hypothesis in the early 1960's.

There is an abundance of interesting links dealing in great detail with such other stories as that of the sole survivor of the "O 16", Cornelis Wolf, who swam for 34 hours in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Malaysia near the subject of two other stories: "Sea Turtles", and Vietnamese Boat People.

There's also the story of the "K XVIII" launched the same year I was born, and making the longest (then) known tour: around the World!

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