This dream was set in an ominous atmosphere in a post-apocalyptic Amsterdam mindful of Hieronymos van der Bosch. I was lonely, there were some young ambitious technocrats and a few nouveau rich international businessmen/swindlers, one of which helped me to a place to stay. It was a large mansion with adobe walls and many doors and hallways designed by Escher. Although I had planned to eat out, I quickly tried a built in ceramic grille in a corner which heated up automatically, but there was nothing to be cooked and I lusted for a good beefsteak. Then I noticed a door left half open, leading to a hallway, and I saw a male servant slipping out through the side door. I followed him and was surprised about the setting and surroundings: there were many large freezer containers and in the distance was a small messy port, some marshes and an abandoned railroad. It was getting darker and I bumped into a large sausage-like shape wrapped in a tight skin of plastic.
Ben Oostdam story # 256:


I founds a scimitar and poked through the skin which revealed a dense mass of garbage like vegetables and waste kitchen material releasing an awful stench of decay. Was this "their" way of disposing of waste? I walked on and the moon got out shining over large expanses of concrete and bricks, parks and slums, churches and canals. In the distance I saw lit trolleycars and autobuses driving along and I sought some stop where I might board one of them to take me to the Central Station, where I knew most of them converged and from where I planned to take a bus to my parent's house in Amstelveen. But invariably, there were no conveyances when I got there, and instead I got trapped into a slum of low houses and piles of debris where shabbily dressed women and children were sorting through the garbage and shouted rank comments to me when I passed by. Then I stopped in some club where a large half empty concrete basement had some automats for food. By that time I was starving but there were no servers or for that sake any people to be seen except for a small group of strange looking party goers at one of the tables, who paid absolutely no attention to me. I tried to work one of the dispensers but could not get anything out. I was distressed and frustrated and dreadfully hungry and thirsty, so when the group left, again without paying any attention to me, I followed them in despair and listened to the big clown who was the center of their attention. It was now dawning outside and rather chilly. The party I followed disppeared suddenly and I was all alone again. It struck me that I did not see any cats or dogs or birds at all, and that I seemed to be like the last survivor I kept on walking and walking towards the dawn but I did not recognize my surroundings anymore. My main concern, strangely, was to wake up and remember the atmosphere so I could record it before I would forget it. So that is what I did and this is what is was like. Do I want to go back there? I guess not!

BLO fecit 20070214 Valentine - stories