Ben Oostdam story # 732


Since I spend about an hour a day in the swimming pool, I do have to talk occasionally with my fellow users.
I am specifically not refering to the brief time I spend in the lockerroom, where I usually avoid its alleged type of talk... .
Chatting with a female lane partner might go something like: (pointing at lane numbers)
Look at those numbers : 1,2,3,4,5,6, (and also 7 and 8):
one and two make 12 which is three times four...your turn next!:
I pass
five and six makes 56 which is seven times eight!

Do you know the shortest short story,(by Hemingway)?
No, what is it?
"For sale, babyshoes; never worn"
What is your first thought?
Gruesome. Then we agree, but my daughter thought it was funny,
like getting too many babyshoes at a baby shower ...
But when I asked her son, my grandson, Parker, he said that story was "lame"..
What did he mean?
"no one would want to read such a short story!"
Grandsons are fun, my other one, Barend, knew the meaning of "responsibility":
What was it?
"to do what you have to do!"
"Do you know what's the most common name of a doctor in America?
No, what is it?
Doctor Rightaway, like in ask your Dr.Rightaway...

That's as far as I would go with a female student teacher, I would discriminate and not mention Dr Rightaway's Nurse Alice..

By contrast, comments and questions with my male colleague Kevin deal with who remembers Avogadro's number, the number of atoms in a gram-molecule (6.022 x 1023) or the weight of a mole of gas (22.4 liter), but also deal in more detail with Rightaway's Nurse Alice...
"See Alice" refers to my (mis-) understanding or misinterpretation of the medicine "Cialis", as in the TV Commercial: this "Alice" must be some epic nurse in a backroom lab or office to who Rightaway refers you if you boast(?) to him of 'an erection lasting more than four hours' (Bushmen?)

or if you do Cialis 'for daily use'

I visualeyes her as some kind of
female counterpart of the
Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi

My next problem is who(m) to tell about my verbal adventure with the expression:
"bear with me"; specifically, how women spell the first word in that expression
In my to-day's semi-scientific pool the first four women I asked
all spelled it "bare" since they knew "bear" was the
Which of the two options below would you prefer?

"bear with me"

"bare with me"