Ben Oostdam story # 331


My steep learning curve is starting to flatten asymptotically.

I bought a DELL Inspiron Athlon in September, only 3 years after a DELL Dimensions 4700 - which I still try and keep going on my back-desk.
How things changed - note I did not say 'improved' - in this short time.

The "old" DELL and its Microsoft XP have a wonderful intimate relationship with my yellow Buslink Hard Drive (external) on which I backed up everything I ever committed to the GATEWAY 2000 (in the early Cretaceous), as well as the old DELL itself.

By contrast, the preinstalled Windows Vista on the new DELL does not recognize this (yellow) machine and confides in me that its makers do not intend to rectify this shortcoming. Funny, I would think it is the other way around, and that Microsoft ought to have taken care of that. Well, they did not.

Next, I had problems copying files to a CD, using new DELL: I was instructed that I first had to format the CD.
I did and copied my files onto it, but the old DELL took offense with a message like 'I cannot read that gibberish' (exact wording unavailable).

New DELL did not come with Money and Microsoft Works, so could not read my multi-year archives of financial data. It did come with a nastily complicated Microsoft wordprocessor and ditto Excel spreadsheet, which I circumvented by just using (original) Notepad and . . . wait, on Googling around a bit I found you could buy Microsoft Works for about $ 40, so I ordered that and received it this very evening.

Man, was I ever glad with the package . . . till I tried to open it.

Even though it had a red tab in the corner on top of some seal, all that tab did was to put up as much resistance as any virgin could have ever displayed in safeguarding 'it' - and ripped off when I persisted. I got out my user friendly Radioshack magnifier and found some drawings on the plastic box which signified how to open it.
A letter opener came handy, but might have skidded and penetrated my wrist artery which would have made me bleed to death - in the absence of my wife - and thus deprive me of the pleasure of suing whoever had deviced this devilish package (which was way too big for its simple contents, a CD and a Quick Start Guide - part of which obscenely hung outside the plastic box.)

Finally, I had the disk in my hand and while I was installing the program, I was entertained with news items (see above),

One was about monkeys going wild, the other about global warming, so my mind immediately linked all of that together in a logical cause and effect relationship, whereby I can now blame global warming for monkeys going wild and inventing devilish packaging practices hitherto unknown to man.
Thought I'd pass this info on to you, too.
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