Coastal Zone Management
Erongo Region, Namibia, 1997

In April, 1997 - just one month before my retirement from Millersville University - I got an exciting telephone call from a man named Joe Ryan. He said he had searched on the Internet for someone who knew oceanography and could speak Afrikaans and German, and I was just the right guy for the job they had to fill: Team leader of a group of international consultants for a Coastal Zone Management in the Erongo Region of Namibia!
He had found my page on Oranjemund and was I interested and available? Yes, both of the above!

We exchanged numerous
E-mails and faxes
and within a month

I was on my way to Copenhagen
for a visit with Carl Bros,
a well-known Danish consulting firm
that had submitted a proposal to DANCED.

Job description for DANCED =
Danish Government's International Aid Agency.
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