Ben Oostdam story # 521


I have been intrigued by Milton Nunn Bramlette since I first heard him
lecture on coccoliths sometime in 1960 when he must have been around
the same age as I am now. Check this out: ......
I wrote a page about him in my autobiography,
at the bottom of which I referred to his association with the Hungarian
explorer Aurel Stein - unfortunately, the links at the bottom of that page
are all broken, but I came across some new ones just now:

Milton Bramlette, Stein's young American assistant
feeling the cold even in the relatively comfortable
town and suffering from stomach problems decided
hewas not up to the exploration and turned back.
The latter loss clearly did not trouble Stein
as he confided to Allen that the young man's
company was far from stimulating -
but he must have missed DASH ....

A kinder version is presented by Shareen Brysac in her presentation entitled:
Sir Aurel Stein's fourth "American" Expedition.
I extracted the segments relating to the interaction between
Bramlette and Stein here.

In the Scripps records, the following remarks about Bramlette were made
by his colleague Frances Lawrence Parker in an interview published in June 2000:

More interesting and far more serendipitous was the discovery by Joe
Curray, whose office was next to Andy' and mine in the early 1960's,
of a drawer full of documents now kept in the Scripps collection.
It could have been my desk, but that was used
to store Joan and Andy Soutar's babyboyhaha...

text at right in red below:

561 Circumstances of

"Material was found in a desk that belonged to Dr.Bramlette by Joe
Curray who said that the drawer was stuck when he received the
desk and he finally pryed it opened (sic)and found the Bramlette material"

I am not now giving more details on "the material"
But it is interesting and rather sad to show what I googled next:


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