Ben Oostdam story # 5


AUG 28, 1993. 06:40
in the time it took M to make a cup of coffee
I was a tourist in Lebanon and driving in a bus with fellow
tourists hearing vaguely that we would have to drive fast because
of possible terrorist attacks and shooting. I tried to think
where it would be safest, and decided not to worry about it that
I was rather exposed on the backseat.
The traffic was slow and the driver had to drive around all kind
of obstacles. At one point we stopped at a small congested market
and I got off the bus quickly to take a video shot to show the
type of pollution: in an open rackwork along the road was a bag
which slowly leaked some substance, and while we were watching, a
sudden gust of wind tore open a box and made several old news
papers blow out across the market. I also had the opportunity to
take three instances of air pollution ligned up: a faraway smoke
stack, an open garbage fire in a barrel which was red hot, and
someone nearby smoking.

Next, some chattering veiled fat women came walking along and
seemed afraid of something further along the road, so I turned
around and was going to get back onto the bus...except that it
was gone! I decided to try and overtake it by power walking,
figuring I might get back to the bus at the corner where it might
stop for some restaurant. The scene had moved to Thailand now,
and I was taking increasingly larger steps, carefully skirting
all kinds of non-moving as well as moving objects.

I kept gathering speed and moved out of town into some rugged
mountains. I noted a goat-track where I could make a cut-off,
and reached a sharp cliffed bend in the road around and beyond
which was a semi-circular bay deep below me.

Somehow I got
hold of a
long rope . . .
(Spectron 12, 1/3 weight of polyester, 1/7 of steel wire, 4 in dia has breaking strength of
more than 1 million pounds, UHMWPE ultra high molecular weight
polyethylene fiber
- from the sticker note I wrote down yesterday?)
. . .
hanging from
skyhook . . .

. . . and
. . .

. . . around the bay . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . looking down on spectacular rocks
and patches of seaweed in the extremely clear waters where I
noted several large fish browsing around.
This now was in Hawaii !
If I only would have the courage to let go of the rope, I would
plunge into that warm water and just get wet, swim ashore
and .... then I woke up and got my coffee, but quickly decided to
get up and type this before I would forget it ...

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