Ben Oostdam story # 325


"I've been away for 10 days since I last saw you," confided my barber.
"Where did you go and what did you do?" I took the bait.
"I went to a lake in Florida to catch alligators!"
"Did you shoot them?" "No, I used a hook and line."
"What kind of bait, a dead chicken?"
"No, man, just a big chunk of lung, they love that."
"So did you get any?" "I sure did!" he said, and went to his drawer
to pull out the evidence:

"I got three of them, the middle one on this shot was 9 foot and 7 inches,
so you can see how big the others were, 12 and 13 feet!
"WOW, good job!" I exclaimed and asked him shyly if the heads
of the three men in the back of his photograph had been
snapped off by the three alligators in the front, haha.
"No, I did not need them, just wanted to show the beasts."
"So what did you do with them next?" I really wondered.
"Just sold them, $ 45 per linear foot for the skin
and $ 10.90 a pound for the meat." he boasted
"Well, that should have just about paid for your trip, I guess?"
"Not quite, and . . . what was your number? he asked,
getting back to the business of my haircut.

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