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Ben Oostdam story # 698

April to July, 1966

On April 1, 1966, Mercia, Benny and I flew from Amsterdam to Las Palmas where I boarded the Texas Instruments seismic ship "Arctic Seal", under contract to the U.S. Navy to measure the sound velocity in the N. Atlantic waters between Portugal and the Azores. A distinct "horn" in the vertical profile represents the outflow of saltier Mediterranean water through the Strait of Gibraltar and is still noticeable as far as the Azores. I spent some days in the Azores, while M and B "lived" in the Canary Islands and Portugal before I sailed on as Party Chief to Bergen, Norway. Here my father visited me and later Mercia and Benny joined the Stephansens and me in Oslo. From there, we flew to Canada to continue my interview - part 1 had been in Holland in March - with Huntec in Toronto (=part 2). Next, we crossed the border to go for another interview at Millersville State College, July 4, 1966 - where I got more or less "stuck" till date of writing...;o].
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