(as of December 13, 2004) :

Google Search for Appalachians:
260,000 links!

Google Search for Appalachains:
1,160 links to Appalachains (used to include USGS and several Geology Departments)
Google Search for Appalatians:
38 links

Google Search for Apallachians:
37 links, mainly: University of Warsaw - see note under "Apallachians" below
Google Search for Appallachians:
30 links

Google Search for Appalacians
21 links, mainly the town of Boone (now cached)

Google Search for Appallachians:
19 links
Google Search for Apallachians:
19 links, but originally 37: a single link did not reappear: see "University of Warsaw" above
Google Search for Apalachains
17 links
Google Search for Appallations:
13 links, e.g.:
...The magesty of these mountains were very evident to her. The Appallations, the Humans called them...
...That time I got abducted by aliens whilst driving my pick-up truck through the appallations mountains and ...
... You are so right about mountain cruising I have run several times to the appallations
in the past couple of months with trips back there in the near future. ...
(but mainly variations for "Appellations")

Google Search for Apalachians:
3 links, 2 by NASA
Google Search for : Appleachians:
1 link only: ...We dont even know how th eXenodontinae Worm snake has distribution west of missippi,
between tha appleachians and the river and along the eastern Seaboard...

Google Search for Appelatians . . . 1 link only:

Google Search for Apallachains, Appalazians, and Appallatians: . . . zero links !!!
also see : graph of above statistics - Salvo errore et omissione (s.e.e.o.) - BLO fecit 20041213 - stories