Ben Oostdam story # 553


Inspired by my good friend John Nixon's analysis of the present
day use of words, I picked to-day two words for my own inspection:
"About" and "Save". Sorry if you thought this story was about saving...

I had received a letter from my Family Health Practice to set up my
quarterly checkup appointment. When I called and had given by name
and DOB - date of birth - probably what I am filed by ....
watch out, do not end sentence with preposition!
the receptionist asked: "What is this regarding?"
I thought for a minute (second?) and answered : "not considering",
then realized she did not say "disregarding" but "this" and "regarding" -
and I quickly concluded that she was merely trying to avoid ending
her sentence with a proposition I mean preposition,
like, in this case, the word "about" like in 'whereabouts are you'
or 'where are you about'.
Or whatsoever like as in the Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam:
??????? ??? ???? "For in and out above about.."
So I admitted that I did not know, and she saved me by asking if I
had received a letter (from them), in which case it was about scheduling
so we scheduled, and that was the end of "about"
Isn't that French, too, le bout = THE END

Wait a minute, I am not done yet...
My daughter was talking about her cell phone contract with SPRINT:
"You cannot imagine how much I saved!" she said
"Just give me half", I answered.
And I thought back of my little sister who had a piggy bank
in which she saved the change my Dad produced emptying his pockets.
Now that was old fashioned "saving", and if I could talk her
into sharing it with me, I would have cash in hand...

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