169 Garage Apartment, stories, Ben Oostdam, May 1, 2006

169 Garage Apartment

169GarApt-200605011001.jpg 169GarApt-200605011003.jpg
At the end of April, 2006, Matt, Julie and Matt Jr.
moved out after living here for 4 1/2 years.
Here's the entrance: stairs, deck and scenery
This very morning, Matt hurt
his foot - whence the crutches
169GarApt-200605011006.jpg 169GarApt-200605011020secondBR.jpg
skylight in second bedroom
storage off second bedroom
169GarApt-200605011031Bathroom.jpg 169GarApt-200605011032Bathroom.jpg 169GarApt-200605011043Kitchen.jpg
(above): Kitchenette
(left): Bathroom and its view
(below): Living Area w/stairs +
bathroom right and aquarium left
BLO fecit
I built this apartment myself in
Spring, 1992, with the help of
several MU-ESCI students.
This was during my quarrel
with the Dean - when I only
did my prescribed duties.
Thanks, Dean, for a decade
of rental income !! It amply
compensated me for the GPS
you disallowed