Emails re Boycott of Sludge Conference, July, 2003

From: Caroline G. Snyder To: Helane Shields . Diane St. Germain ; Chris Rueggeberg ; epimental ; Charlotte Hartman ; Tina Daly ; Abby Rockefeller ; Laura Orlando Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 1:04 PM Subject: [Fwd: CITIZENS BOYCOTT SLUDGE CONFERENCE/Mary Lou] Helane: please forward Barbara's note to all activists and victims on your list. Barbara and her husband appear to have done an excellent job. I think the message got across, loud and clear. I especially like the fact that she handed Ian Pepper David's new paper, material of which will be included in associate editor Renner's response to Rusin et al paper attacking David's theory in this week's issue of ES&T. Caroline -------- Original Message -------- subject: Citizens Boycott Sludge Conference/Mary Lou date: July 28, 2003 to: David Lewis cc: Caroline C. Snyder MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! David please read Mary Lou's email following this note. Do you know who can help her? As to the "Summit," It was a smaller hotel than I thought so I had to duck out of the way a bit, but no one knew I was there till this morning. Henry greeted me first thing. He was fine with my being there. He assumed I changed my mind and was attending. It seems the list CW sent us was a very partial list. According to Henry there were some 150 observers. If so, they were not all there for the kick off meeting. I handed out every one of the 100 combos of Press Release/Excerpts/and David's study, plus I had about 25 more of just PR/Excerpts. There were a few stragglers that I had nothing for, but I feel I got MOST that attended the initial meeting.
Comments and observations. They supposedly dropped the pre-registration requirement and said anyone could observe if they simply showed a license.
I immediately made friends with the attending policeman; Steve and I chatted him up. NO Problem, everyone was SWEET as sugar.
Eventually Glenn Reinhardt of the WERF came over to introduce himself and say how glad he was that I was attending.
I dropped my boycott bombshell and he said if I changed my mind I was welcome any time.
How nice since now anyone could walk in. Someone from Virginia Wastewater came over to argue re sludge is not really bad.
Steve handled him as I was busy handing out. Alan Rubin came over and broke the ice by saying we have the same namesake.
INTERESTING because I had no name tag, never met him so someone must have pointed me out to him.
Anyway we got into it. I mentioned the non-enforcement, my recent complaint. He seemed shocked regulations were not enforced (har,har)
and said he might make a trip to Loudoun County to see what was happening. Probably all part of the game, but I intend to follow up and email him my
Petition to Suspend and my Stakeholder Participation a Sham letters to him along with a new complaint I need to submit (since the Richmond meeting.)
David, I walked up to Ian Pepper and said my cheeriest good morning, I want to give you this press release and new paper by David Lewis.
He thanked me using my name. Guess after May 6th, he is not about to forget me. Caroline you could feel the tension.
Most seemed pleased to get the handouts. Quite a few started to read it while walking in.
One guy (no name tag) muttered "that's all we need" when I said a new paper from David Lewis. I said yes it is just what is needed.
I thought it was interesting that there was a large board saying anyone who entered the room must read and agree to the RULES and REGULATIONS
spelled out prior to the meeting. In other words the rules to control the ranting activists.
My final comment is Henry asked me to stay, said it was a good place to network, etc., but most interesting he mentioned
there is a CA activist working on a book and and also has 60 Minutes TV show coming to do a possible segment.
I really hate to miss that. Henry did not know when. I asked him to find out. I will call him this evening.
I think if they come tomorrow or next day and I know when, it may pay to try to go. Must get to work now. Cheers. Barbara

From: Danny Jones
To: Barbara L. Rubin
Cc: David Lewis
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 9:56 AM
Way to go Barbara. Get Dr. Lewis back in the ball game. His knowledge is what I am counting on to help my son's health.
I still have the bail of hay that Seth delivered to the lady who got the infection in her finger.
She has had 2 surgeries and two hospital stays and I believe that she is still going to loose it. Barbara, who can test the hay?
The same bacteria in the abscesses in her finger was in Seth's gum abscesses.
Dr. Lewis is the only one I know who was working on the hay. Do you have any suggestions?
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Mary Lou
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