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selected by Ben Oostdam

A narrative of the first years of

The Marine Science Consortium

.....prepared by Ben Oostdam in 1987 as part of his autobiography;
.......13 pages scanned for WWW in 1999.

continuation: early 1970's
.......written March 1999

Copy of letter dated January 13, 1965 by Alex Henderson ,
Science Director at Millersville State College, PA to the
Science Chairs of all Pennsylvania State Colleges

Copy of follow-up letter dated March 18, 1965
by Catherine Keever and Willis Ratzlaff
(page 2)

Minutes of MSC meeting of March 25, 1965
by Catherine Keever

Memo by Dr. Alex Henderson re Cape May visit on May 25, 1966
Memo by Dr. Paul Hess to Dr. Alex Henderson dated June 6, 1966
Flyer on Oceanology, BIO-511 Seminar, July/August, 1966
taught by Ben Oostdam at Millersville State College

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