Ben Oostdam story # 18

TOPLESS revisited

Somewhere along the road around the island, we stopped to make a dive on a nearby coral reef. When we were almost out of air, we went back to the beach where Ron the Charmer picked up a haole tourist woman. Since she said she could not swim, Ron offered to teach her. He went about it very affectionately, holding her around her slender waist under one arm. In the meantime, I used up the rest of the air close by.
To my amusement, I noticed that every time she bent down to start swimming, her breasts popped out, and only when she got up out of the water, would she first reinstall them. Ron never noticed, but I have never known a SCUBA bottle that was so slowly and thoroughly emptied as mine was while puttering around closeby watching the underwater scenery she introduced. Strange how different and much more exciting this was to peek at than diving with the amas in Onjuku just a week earlier....

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