On December 1, 2002, I had the great pleasure of receiving my friend Ted Foster for a visit to our home at Conestoga. Ted figured it was about 34 years ago we last met on his visit to me at nearby Millersville.

We updated information on our respective careers, looked at the strawbale pavilion - one of my few "concrete" accomplishments - and corrected and amended the first few webpages I had made about our first year at Scripps (1960).
A good thing to pool our memories, since I had been brain-damaged by years of prescriptions of valium, and Ted by a serious mountaineering accident on Mount Conness, CA, on August 8, 1993.
Ted clued me in on the correct names of Joan Harkins, Alison d'Anglejean, Fred Spiess, Eva Ewing, Russ Snyder and Stanley Kling. He also told me how a seminar by Tjeerd van Andel presented at Colorado had led him to enroll at Scripps, where he became an office room-mate of Jean Filloux .
To our common amazement, we found we had been scientific crew mates on Bruno's cruise to Cape San Lucas! But Ted recalled that our vessel had become disabled there and that we - except Bruno and the ship's crew - had transferred to Shepard's ship to return to San Diego...something I absolutely did not remember ...
As to Bruno's consolation: upon the death of his brother, he had inherited the title of "Baron", so now he goes by "Bruno Baron d'Anglejean", at least elsewhere than in the USA...

That evening, we had an enjoyable Chinese dinner and talked about his many cruises on the R.V. "Eltanin", and our separate visits to same destinations: South Africa, Holland, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Hawaii and Delaware. We also discovered a number of new common friends and interests and decided to meet henceforth on a less protracted schedule.
Thanks, Ted and very best wishes!

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