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second semester at
Scripps, 1961
Each semester, we had to attend the weekly seminars and give one presentation. During Spring, 1961, we heard about FLIP to be built in 1962, and visited the CUSS I, the drillship for the Experimental MOHOLE Project - where I first met Willard Bascom, my future "boss" on Diamonds from the Sea (1963-5)
(left to right): John Steinbeck, Tracey, Anon., Riedel, Revelle, Munk, Arrhenius, Bascom aboard the CUSS I during the 1961 Project MOHOLE
Photo for LIFE Magazine by Fritz Goro, door of room 204 IGPP

On May 19, 1961, I presented the results of my exhilarating investigation of the roundness of sandgrains along S. California beaches,
the La Jolla Submarine Canyon and 3 Experimental Mohole drillholes off Guadeloupe collected in March, 1961
at waterdepths from 3,223 to 4,123 ft and coredepth to 1024 ft ending in bedrock:

As the next page will show, I did not restrict my CA roundness investigations to sand grains . . .
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