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Jan 1961 Cruise to
Cabo San Lucas

I think it must have been in January, between semesters, that I went on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, a fisherman's paradise at the southern tip of Baja California,
with Bruno 'd Anglejan as Chief Scientist (below left 2x). We were to collect foraminifera, and he had an ingenious way of separating them from surrounding quartz grains in the dried bottom sediments using an inclined plane:
the foraminifera rolled down faster - R.V. "E.W. Scripps"

Some other memories
of this fine cruise :

(1) that the Captain had just returned from an extended cruise to the Gulf of Thailand, (the NAGA expedition) and had enjoyed the favors of The "Woman of Bangkok" who used to be "MINE !" in 1955/ we had some details to discuss. (2) at the same time, Dr. Shepard and his crew, were on another SIO vessel to explore submarine canyons in the Gulf of California, site of the famous Conrad Limbaugh picture of a "sandfall" in the head of Cabo San Lucas submarine canyon. (left)
It may sound unbelievable, but I did not get ashore, so the maps and photographs shown on
the attached page were gathered from the WWW some 40 years later que ca change

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