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June/July, 1962

Some time near the end of June, we visited Lanai - the Pineapple Island. For some obscure reason, I have no recollections of Lanai at all at the moment, so I Emailed Herb Veeh - now retired in Australia - to help me out if he can. Pending this, I completed the 2002 WWW update on Lanai, and will return with details ;o]

On June 30, Fran Shepard presented the preliminary results of our survey- except for Lanai.
Some photographs on this page need to be identified in greater detail:
NOTE: Thanks, Herb, for your immediate response ! I quote most of your E-mail here to round off the story of our pleasant 4 months together with the Shepards !
Fran Shepard, Ann Philips and Gary Stice on Maui
(thanks, Herb! On December 30, 2002, I also received and uploaded your photographs.

Sometime early July we packed up most of our stuff and departed. I recall picking up Ted Chamberlain at the airport shortly before that - because I had met him earlier in Japan. He was to take over the shore survey, and looked quite impressive: ramrod straight, bald but bearded, with a purple sheathed samurai sword under his arm.
My plans, more or less confirmed with Drs. Moberly and Shepard, were to go to Scripps to rapidly complete my qualifying and a thesis proposal for my Maui project, which was to be part of the overall program - so I fully expected to be back in Hawaii in 2 or 3 months. However ......

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