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June, 1962

In June, we flew to Molokai, along the Pali and across Kalaupapa peninsula...

which we later visited descending the 1,700 feet high cliff along a (mule) trail .
The Molokai Light (above) dates from 1909- the year my father was born

Fran and Elizabeth Shepard at the airplane

We stayed in a pleasant guesthouse- high up near the Pali - run by a charming Hawaiian-Chinese lady. Of course, we drove through Kaunakakai to take the spectacular coastal route to Halawa Valley - which had been rather densely populated by taro farmers till the 1946 tsunami. The south-east coast is partially protected by a barrier reef, and is lined with ancient fishponds
The west coast beaches at that time were only accessible by special permission of the Molokai Ranch. The white sands at the southern part of the wide and extensive Papuhaku Beach were mined and barged to Oahu but seemed to be kept well-supplied by southerly longshore transport. Another dynamic sand transport process takes place at the north coast west of Kalaupapa, where the northeast trades carry the sand from Moomi beach inland in southwesterly direction to form a series of aolian dunes.
Based on my 2002 websurfing survey, considerable changes have occurred since, including termination of beach sand mining, improved public access to beaches and establishment of beach parks. I am still investigating if there's a cybercafe in Kaunakakai.

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