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May, 1962

In April and May, we met Adrienne Kaplan of the Bishop Museum, and

Ann Philips,
an Irish girl
enrolled as
Marine Biologist
at the University
of Hawaii
We took each of them along on some of our fieldtrips, at which time she would take over Elizabeth's duties as recorder for Fran.

In May, 1962, we made a one week tour of Kauai, probably the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands. Joe Cox, Doak's father, booked us in some simple cottages on Hanalei Bay, opposite the shooting site for the movie "South Pacific" .
In addition to the Hanalei Bay and seven spectacular waterfalls, I recall the Waimea Canyon lookout (below) and fantastic Lumahai Beach nearby : here we found a series of three parallel scarps some six feet high each, separated by landward sloping berms. Herb took Fran and me for scale!

Press HERE to see the Kaui beaches and coasts I found surfing the Web in December, 2002 , together with links and acknowledgments.

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