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March-April, 1962

Fran Shepard, Herb Veeh and Floyd McCoy inspecting ....
In March, three UH geology undergraduates were recruited: Floyd McCoy, John Campbell and Gary Stice. We got the equipment and supplies in order and I located a Chinese welding shop which made us two small pipe-dredges. We tried out the SCUBA diving gear in the University Pool, which at that time caused quite a stir. We tested the new boat and surveyed a number of Oahu beaches.
+ Fran Shepard driving HIG's
16 ft twin OB -motorboat,
March, 1962

For transportation, we used the old jeep of Doak Cox, the HIG tsunami expert and coordinator for our project. Because of its poor brakes, the first launching was not of the boat by the jeep but conversely, but at subsequent launchings we used large rocks to block the wheels
Most Sunday mornings we spent at the Shepard's favorite beach, Hanauma Bay, a breached circular crater. This was one of the few beaches on Oahu where volcanic sand was dominant, except in the Bay channels; in one of these, we put a sediment trap.

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