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March-June, 1962

Sometime in November or December, 1961, Fran Shepard asked for volunteers to assist him in studying the beaches of Hawaii. Quite possibly because we were not as pre-occupied with passing our foreign language exams as our fellow students - US citizens - , only Herb and I volunteered, which meant that we would not attend the spring 1962 semester at SIO.
After my return from Japan and Hawaii in August - loaded with a large sewing machine as a gift for Barbara - she and I had only seen each other a few weekends at Pomona, where I (we) slept in my jeep near Mount Baldy. The relation deteriorated and was over around Christmas, and I already referred to the short Christmas intermezzo with Georgina before her marriage in January 1962, so now I was free and unencumbered and looking forward full of enthousiasm to doing this Hawaiian survey with Fran and Elizabeth - again!

Our part of this proposal by the Hawaiian Institute of Geophysics HIG) to the Hawaii State Department of Planning and Research ran from March 1-July 1, 1962.
The principal proposer was Dr. Ralph Moberly, at that time a sympathetic young assistant professor with a degree from Princeton.
Dr. Ralph Moberly - after he matured considerably both physically and scientifically.
Some relevant documentation - gleaned by clicking on the thumbnails - will be explained later.

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