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SCUBA diving

Another time we went with about a dozen black-suited divers of which one had a small hand-net in which he caught a small shark.
When he let it go, this peppy shark swam away but stopped some ten yards away from us, then turned around and swam back to the black forest of our legs to bite into the leg of one of us.... his very captor!
Fortunately the neoprene was thick enough to protect the victim. This time , however, he did not let the shark escape but took it to the (then) SIO aquarium (now)

The Scripps canyon head would fill up with kelp and debris carried
by the longshore current (see Inman's excellent (1963) video:
"The Beach: A River of Sand") and
one day he had us
install current meters
and tried to set off
a dynamite charge
to see if he could generate
a turbidity current . . .

Nothing happened, but a few days later,
the whole mass (mess)
- including current meters -
was swept out

Once, on a rare occasion,
we witnessed squids
laying eggs. (right)
BLO fecit 20021028
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