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In the fall of 1961 we also made numerous dives around La Jolla. I had received my 25 ft and 50 ft qualifications that spring and just now remember I forgot to record what had happened on my first ocean dive, from the SIO pier.
The dive master had just fixed our equipment (at that time, we still used a regulator with thick double hoses coming from the tank around your neck to your mouth) and I thought I took in too much water when I went down, so I popped up to the foot of the ladder and complained to him. He sent me right back saying I should not worry about a little water. I went down courageously and obediently and got nothing else but water. When I came up, my hoses had become detached because he had forgotten to put on the clamps around the regulator housing....he was very apologetic, so I promised not to tell anyone for 30 years ;o]

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