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Fracture Zones

Menard probably had been chief scientist on more cruises and expeditions than anyone else at Scripps. When he became an administrator, he was just as active and flew back and forth between San Diego, Washington and other places continuously: once a visitor dropping by to see Bill at SIO was confronted by a secretary with a fourth order disappointment: "Sorry, Dr. Menard is not here, he's in Washington; wait, let's see, no, his agenda says he'll be here to-day, so let me call and find out. O no, they say he just dropped in for a few minutes but had to go back rightaway. Let me call his Washington Office: she says he went to Scripps but also had to attend a meeting in L.A. but will be getting back to Scripps in the late afternoon. But wait, that afternoon meeting has been canceled, so..."

Bill was best known for his discovery of fracture zones. He postulated horizontal displacements over 1,000 kms along the Mendocino fault running along a parallel almost all the way between California and Hawaii.
I recall spending a full hour making a model with 3 x 5 cards of Bill's illustration (right) and being very close to discovering subduction and transform faults, but then some girl called me away and the problem had to wait for Tuzo Wilson in 1965.

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