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Seafloor Spreading

Tonight, October 23, 2002, my eyes are tearing for several reasons, one because I just speed-read Henry Menard's fascinating book: The Ocean of Truth." I am ashamed to admit seeing it for the first time, although it was finished just before and published shortly after Bill's death of cancer on February 9, 1986.

After completing the previous pages, I had searched in vain through my own memories - (diary still missing) - and those on the WWW for more details on the seminar in which Dietz first used the term "Seafloor Spreading". That's when I found a link to the book which tells everything about the Dietz-Hess scientific priority controversy , so I decided to order it forthwith from amazing Amazon and can without reservations recommend it as a jewel of science as well as history.

BLO fecit 20021023
Henry Menard got his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1949 under Henry Stetson of WHOI working on an experimental study of sediment transport in a flume. He then moved to USNEL's Sea-floor Studies Section in San Diego, which was headed by Dietz, and later became Professor at Scripps and Director of the U.S. Geological Survey.
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