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Fall, 1961

After our return from Japan and Hawaii, Ron Gibbs and I rented a small house "in town", and found a third roommate, Bob Nason.
That put a temporary end to my nomadic existence which had lasted since early 1961.

This takes me to my office mate Andy who had his own interesting life style.
The three of us had pizza together every Friday night, and he and Joan had one child a year which was born during a period when he was out on a cruise. Thus I became the "default" or "godfather" to visit and congratulate Joan.

On several occasions I kept a Soutar baby sleeping in my desk-drawer in our office.

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Most days, we had lunch on the SIO terrace, very democratic.
It was fun hearing Nobel Prize winner Harold Urey (left) holding forth.
Once when he walked to the terrace he stopped to chat with a friend and when finished asked him:
"When we met did I come from this way or that?"
"From that way! Why?"
"Well, that means I still have to go for lunch."