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Fieldtrip with Inman c.s. to
Upper Gulf of California, 1961

Gulf of California Fieldtrip, 1961, Doug Inman, Ben Oostdam, Earl Murray
GulfofCALIF-1961ab.jpg GulfofCALIF-1961ac.jpg GulfofCALIF-1961ad.jpg GulfofCALIF-1961ae.jpg
GulfofCALIF-1961af.jpg GulfofCALIF-1961baBLO.jpgBLO GulfofCALIF-1961bb.jpg GulfofCALIF-1961bc.jpg
Earl Murray
GulfofCALIF-1961be.jpg GulfofCALIF-1961ca.jpg
Doug Inman
GulfofCALIF-1961cc.jpg This was a splendid fieldtrip: most memorable were the large, Ku Klux Clan-like fish trapped in nets that at low tide looked like volleyball nets, so the fish were removed by fisherman standing up in pickup truck beds. (tidal range here exceeds 30 feet!) GulfofCALIF-1961cd.jpg
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