After having been "evicted" from the Cabrillo Hotel when they started renewing it, I had first spent several months sleeping on an airmattress under the drawing table in my SIO-office. I took baths in the lab sink, and practically spent day and night in the office or outdoors.
That came to an interesting end as follows: I had asked the janitor not to come in and empty the waste paper cans - I would do that myself.

Every night, though, two or three security guards would enter the office with a flashlight, and on one night of these rounds, I heard them call in the janitor to explain why he had not removed a cigarette butt from one of the waste paper cans.
"Because that guy told me he would do it!" "Which guy?" "The one there!" - a flashlight shone into my face but I pretended to be sound asleep.
A few minutes later the group came back with the Chief, who woke me up. "O, I am just sleeping here because I had to study late for an exam.." I tried, but it did not work and I had to find another sleeping arrangement.

I then converted my jeep stationwaggon putting a vertical partition above the rear seats, and a "desk" with a hinge over the rear seats, so I could open the hatch and crawl into the "bedroom space" behind.
Every night, I would park in front of one hotel or another, and the next morning, tell my office roommate Andy which hotel I had favored.

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