M.N. Bramlette

Dr. Bramlette (Milton Nunn, 1896-1977) was well-known for his classic 1946 paper:
"The Monterey Formation: the source of oil"

Some of his earlier contributions included:
"Geology of the Arkansas Bauxite Region" (1936)

and in the same year, he coauthored:
Miocene Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Palos Verdes Hills, California (AAPG 30:2, 125-149)

In the 1920's, he was a graduate student at Johns Hopkins with his lifelong friends W.W. Rubey and James Gilluly.

In the early 1950's, he worked with Bill Riedel on the stratigraphic utility of calcareous nannofossils

In the 1960's, he also dabbled with Urey into possible fossils in a meteorite, and wrote:
"Comment on the existence of numerous terrestril pseudo-microfossils which might fool biologists" (1967 Science 158:673)

In 1965, he published an "intriguing" (van Andel, 1981, pp.67-68) paper in Science (vol.148, p.1696) pointing out that 65 million years ago, at the boundary between the Mesozoic and Cenozoic, life in the deep oceans changed drastically because of the very abrupt extinctions caused by lack of food supply. (searching the WWW for "Bramlette" leads one to such scientific and political controversies as that between Nobel Prize winner Alvarez and Dewey McLean , q.v., enjoy painting by George .. Bush while you're there)

In 1962, at the age of 65, Milton quietly occupied his corner office on our Ritter hallway, and I was working on my termpaper for Van Andel ("Sediments of Organic Reefs and Atolls" ).
I found a relatively obscure and incomplete reference on Bramlette's 1926 paper entitled:
Some marine bottom samples from Pago Pago Harbor, Samoa"
(Carnegie Instit.Wash.Pub.344, 1-35)

and went to visit him to ask about it.
He immediately got excited and told me that I was the first to ever ask, so he showed me a pile of reprints of the article and presented me with the rather dusty top copy... He said that this "made his day" or something to that effect.
NOTE added Nov.2, 2002: Another WWW link led to Shareen .... who gave a lecture on Sir Aurel Stein at the British Museum and had 2 pages on Bramlette accompanying Stein on his trip to Central Asia in 1929....Shareen just Emailed me and will try to find and send me this info.... also see Cornelius van Hemert Engert

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