Ben Oostdam story # 13

The Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra

Driving my jeep through the small college town of Pomona, California, sometime in 1961, with my girlfriend Barbara Parks, a music major at Pomona College, I saw a small group of penguin- like creatures standing hesitating on the sidewalk. Then I overheard one say in pure Amsterdam-Dutch that 'pedestrians have the right of way here', so I stopped demonstratively and admonished them in the same language and with a flourish to go ahead.

They walked up to me and I asked who they were: "The Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra", was the answer. "Well," I said, "I have a cousin who is the flutist: Leo Oostdam, but I have never met him." "That's him there", was the reply, so I walked up to the designated penguin , stuck out my hand and said "Oostdam" - He looked surprised and said "Yes". bis

The upshot of it all was that he got us two free tickets for that evening's performance and took us backstage to meet the Conductor - which, of course, gave me plenty of credits with my lovely Music Major!

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