Ben Oostdam story # 689


Herewith a series of selected PPP's gleaned from the archives
or rather missives of two of my former KIM shipmates :
Hans van den Bos (Holland) and Eddy B. Tumengkol (Indonesia).

Their kind (co)operation is gratefully acknowledged as is
that of the producers of these marvelous pieces of art!

PLEASE NOTE that it will take a while to download each presentation.
Also, you should (install and) use a Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer
which can be downloaded for free clicking HERE

Amazing Bridges of China, 2003 by E.Cheong


De Lente is op Komst. 2010 !! - Spring is on Its way !!

Doigts - Fingers by

"La Paloma" (ronny) - Tall Sailing Ships and Dutch Harbor Choir "Vissershang" Achanting

La Sologne, France Nature Scenery with Dutch text translated from French by Freddy Storm

Le fleuve Citarum - Citarum River, Java, Indonesia: extreme case of pollution

Molentocht Alblasserwaard - Touring the Dutch Wind Mills of Alblasserwaard

Navy made by Julius Bouman - Music by The Village People - In The Navy

more to follow d.v. ... BLO fecit 20110222_23 - stories