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they were only off by a million
in their1950 population
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Ben Oostdam story # 648


Thanks and Kudos to Adam Levine
BLO fecit 20101113

Up to now, the above page was the only "leftover" result of my search for a copy
of the final report on the Investigation of the Former Philadelphia Treated Sewage Sludge
Dump Site off NJ which The Marine Science Consortium made in 1974-5.
I recall there were at least a dozen copies printed and distributed a.o. to the City of
Philadelphia Water Department (their Archives show only one marine dump site report,
and that for New York, as shown on the left)
, the Franklin Institute Research Laboratory,
IDRES (a total of only nine (9) links on Google, mainly bibliographies, shown here)
My personal copy burned up in the 2006 Fire, so at least it has been accounted for, right?
Here's my article on Disposal of Phila's Treated Sewage at Sea in the 1970's