ROUTE 230:

routes PA201 through 250

Western Terminus: US 22 in Harrisburg.
Eastern Terminus: PA 283 in Salunga.
Length: 28 miles
National Highway
System: None
Names: Cameron Street, Front Street, Second Street, Harrisburg Pike, Main Street, North Market Street, Market Street, West Main Street, and Old Harrisburg Pike
SR Designation: SR 0230
Counties: Dauphin and Lancaster
Expressway: None
Multiplexed Routes: Truck PA 441: Middletown
Truck PA 341: Middletown to Toll House Road
PA 241: Elizabethtown
PA 743: Elizabethtown
PA 772: Mount Joy
Former Designations: PA 41 (1926 - 1928)
US 230 (1926 - 1967)
History: Signed in 1967 when US 230 was decommissioned. The original southern terminus was US 30 in Lancaster, and then moved to its current location in 1971. In 1977, the alignment was divided at Harrisburg International Airport to facilitate traffic to and from the new Airport Connector. In 1979, the route was multiplexed with US 22 and its western terminus was moved to I-81 at Exit 67. In 1987, the western terminus was moved back to its current location.
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