p.99, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography, 1965
Fri., Feb.12: We got up early and after breakfast Knud the pilot helicoptered George and me to "Beacon DAVID" on top of a hill where they dropped me of with a transit ("theodolite").
I had a bit of a hard time to find the target, our seismic vessel "Klipbok" beyond the shimmering surf, but it took only a short time till the copter returned with Piet van Zijl who relieved me at 10:18. By 11:30, we ended up in Luderitz landing in the Mobil Yard, against the wishes of Jackie Weiss. We were collected and ferried around by de Graaff and Johnson, bought some more film and lamps and even licorice, and had lunch but by 12:40 we got back into the air on the way to Meob.
This was a spectacular flight over sandhills as high as 1,000 ft, though there were some stretches of bedrock trending SSW and dipping some 45 degrees SW. There were a few black dikes, and some raised shell deposits in valleys or pans as high as 150 ft and as far inland as 1/4 mile inland. Meob was an old German diamond mining settlement and we met some nice guys, including an old surveyor, Michau, an Andries Wiersma(?) and a Portuguese whose name I did not get. The hangar had recently been finished and they were now waiting for better visibility to attempt to work out a 2' closing error. We walked to the beach and found some more VOC coins, of which thousands had already been retrieved (mainly 1740). We also dug up some clams which we cooked and washed down later that evening with lots of beer and stories.

Sat., Feb.13: We flew out early to some 10 miles south of Luderitz where I took a series of sand samples up to the top of a 450 ft high sand dune. Next we flew to Sylvia Hill and saw some sea caves, but it became very foggy, so we first ascended over sea, then flew inland above the fog clouds, altogether a scary experience. We had lunch immediately after we landed and spent the afternoon driving along the coast and taking more samples. We also found a garnet dune. Later, Cliff Gill came back from the "Collinstar" and told us about his admiration of Sammy Collins handling the recent disaster of the "Colpontoon" being beached. After dinner, I played some chess with Piet and talked with George about the powerhouse they are installing We also quarreled by radio with the "Rockeater" whose crew wanted to leave for home this afternoon- probably to celebrate tomorrow, Sunday Feb.12, VALENTINE's DAY... I did feel slightly guilty.
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