p.97, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography, 1965
Sun., Feb.07: We got up late, and while I read a bit and started on the report about the "Efficiency factor ". Mercia alternated between sofa and bed and making us a very light lunch. Finally, by 16:00, she consented to come along to Melkboschstrant. With excellent eyesight, she noted her family far away on the beach, so we walked over to surprise them. There were several dogs including a well endowed Doberman. We had some ice cream and then went to Goodwood to share coffee and cake with the family. After that, we went to dinner to the Doll House. In addition to seeing several interesting ladies, we also noted Eli the bookkeeper. We left there as early as 20:00 and went to bed rightaway after a(notherwise) rather uneventful weekend ..
Mon., Feb.08: We prepared the Washington letter, the weekly progress report to HQ. Also concluded the recommendation to Anglo American to explore the 3-6 nautical mile offshore area of the TIDAL Concession. Additional discussions with the geology staff. That evening, Mercia and I went to the library, holding Soepie on a leash for the first time. Amazing. Read till late after that; we both appear to be voracious readers!
Tue., Feb.09: Most of the day we spent on the evaluation of the ADK Concession. We also had a meeting of department heads and were pleased to include Captain Cook and Jerry Wells ("Sparks") who usually were out at sea...
Wed., Feb.10: Worked with Dave on a letter to Mr. Oppenheimer, Chairman of De Beer's. Also prepared a detailed program of ADK evaluation tasks and other work for the geologists. Only got home late, where Mercia was in a bad mood and did not even take me up on the offer to go to the movies. (recall that TV in SA was "illegal"...) Anyhow, I still had to prepare for to-morrow's inspection flight to the Tidal Concession, coming back only on Tuesday, Feb.15.

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