p.69, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

Sat.August 22 - Wed. August 26, 1964: Mercia and I mainly packed up our personal effects to start moving to our SeaPoint apartment.
Some lunches with Robin, looking for cars, and steaks or soups with Mercia. Brief visit of Mr. Daniel, and commotion when Dave Smith
returns on the 25th and we meet with Tidewater's Howard Larsen and Norman Grant. Also hassle about Willard Bascom's telegram advising
us to use a mining factor of 5 in the evaluation. Mercia takes me to visit her Aunts and Suzanne Louw, and I have some financial discussion
with Dad Jack Louw.

August 27: Lunch with Mercia, after which we went out and bought not only a ring but also an Opel Kadet caravan, R 1,450 all included!
We also worked on wedding cards and visited John Hoyt. After dinner we are late for the rather amateurish wedding rehearsal, go to Suzanne's
and cope with Mercia's depression attack.

August 28, Friday: After cheering up Eric at 07:00 and starting a hard day's work, Mercia called me in a panic: can I please come to pick
up her mother in order to go and get the marriage license ? I hold forth that she does not need her Mom since she is over 21.
Now she admits that she is only 20, so I quickly calculate that since we first met - when she said she was 26 - she got six years younger! ;o]
I also picked up Pa, and went back to work later in the afternoon before picking up Mercia to go to the magistrate, where
I was called a "jonkman" and Mercia proved she was born on July 4, 1944. Next, we visited the shy minister van Rooyen and I jokingly
asked him not to talk about grapevines and children like olive trees during the service. We had dinner at Mercia's and I returned
to work and to mail a birthday check to Rose.

Saturday, August 29, 1964: Although to-day is our big wedding day, I had to work on the evaluation at the office till 4 p.m.,
only interrupted by a rapid lunch with the entire staff. I then went home, read TIME and got dressed.
At 6 pm, I picked up Mercia's uncle and the master of ceremonies, and took them to the church at 7 p.m.

Mercia looked lovely and very stately. We went through a long-winded ceremony, after which we signed the register and had photographs taken After that, we were taken to the reception in a red car driven at break-neck speed.
I was sitting at the table opposite the entire OSE crew including Dave Smith, John Hoyt, Gavin, Eric, Mrs Tayler and later also Gil Devlin
and her roommate. We took part in many toasts, listened to speeches, danced, embraced and kissed, chatted with Geezie and Rachel, Suzanne and dozens of family members till 10 pm when we finally went home to start our life together.

(NOTE: I am writing this more than 40 years later, while Mercia is busy bathing our grandchildren Lexa (6) and Parker (4) who just came in from the snow...)

August 30, Sunday.: Of course, we slept late, then I made breakfast and we took a short tour to Hermanus, on the way finding
out that her parents were not home. After lunch we took off on a honeymoon tour towards the Cape Peninsula, but the roads were bad and
Mercia was too tired, so we restricted ourselves to Bredasdorp. From there, we drove home on a good highway, had dinner in the Cafe
Restaurant till 9 pm, then went home and played music on my Philips Taperecorder.

August 31: Again, we slept late, but this time Mercia made breakfast, after which we went to her house where all our gifts
had already been unpacked and we had a good lunch. That afternoon, we went "berserk"shopping, finishing off eating a
good steak dinner in the Dutch Restaurant before going home rather early and dizzy to celebrate the end of this glorious month of August!

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