p.66, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

August 13, 1964: To-day was my 32ndbirthday, which I celebrated with a warm bath and leisurely
breakfast, since Klipbok only came in by 11:30.George then took some time to replace a stripped bolt
on the OB motor, which could only be picked up by 15:00 when the workshop opened again.
We then departed in a happy mood, which turned sour when the boat started bucking and Willie and I
paid tribute to Neptune. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the good food prepared by the old cook,
Jimmy Breeze and had a good chat with the giant skipper, Pierre Leroux, and Wellington,
the engineer. We turned in early and anchored for the night after a dreadful rattle of the anchor chain.

August 14: We were anchored
just off Mittag. Took some van
Veen grab samples and pulled
small dredge. Navigation rather
poor. Rough weather in the
afternoon but fine in the
evening when we anchored off
Intermittent sleep and
launching the Lizard fish :

Aug.15, Sat: Numerous dolphins.
Cable breaks several times, yet
good results. Dive in the afternoon,
poor visibility, depth 30-40 ft,
exposed bedrock, cold.
Willie cannot dive: stuffed up nose.
Beautiful sunset and fine talk
with Pierre and Rolly;
George a bit moody and withdrawn.

Sunday, August 16: The sea is getting rougher, but results are still reasonable while we sail
past smelly Sinclair Island - a favorite nesting place of screeching sea-birds trying to scare us off..
Thus we are forced to give up surveying rather early and just sail along the coast
("oram praetervehere" comes to mind from my Latin course)
We pass the spectacular arch-rock "Bogenfels" and take numerous polaroid pictures of this
and other coastal features. All in all, a fine day, but we are relieved to drop anchor early that evening
close to Possession Island and quite content to go to sleep.

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