p.65, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

August 9, 1964, Sunday: In the morning, I went to the office and worked with Willie van der Merwe.
I wrote several memoes, and left for Goodwood around 13:00. Some discussion with Mercia's Dad,
Jack Louw, in which we decided not to have dancing at the wedding reception. I drove Mercia to
the harbor, where I took several photographs of her in her blue-green dress aboard the Rockeater
and "Klipbok", then made a stop at the Harbour Restaurant. Next, we took a check to our new home
in Seapoint, and had tea there, served by a quaint elderly servant. Went by the office to cancel
flight to Oranjemund, and picked up her aunt for a pleasant trip up the mountain.

August 10: A busy day, discussing research proposal with Robin and preparing Klipbok charts.
Took him home, had a few drinks there,then picked up George for dinner. Letter from my parents,
vacationing in France. Afterwards, I picked up Mercia and we drove to Seapoint again, where we
finally met our new landlord, Mr de Leon, a Frenchman with lots of sea stories, who also happened
to know our Captain Cook.

August 11: Before lunch time, I typed the research proposal for the Northern Concession.
Had a long and arduous talk with Dave, who made several snide remarks to Robin - as if to set us
up against each other. I grabbed a quick lunch with George before picking up Mercia and returning
with her to the office. While I talked on the phone with Erik in Oranjemund, she typed a draft letter,
but tore it up to my annoyance. We then went for dinner at the Caroussel and to my room at
Mrs van Zijl to say goodbye before I was to leave on the maiden voyage of the "Klipbok".

August 12, 1964: Up awfully early to pack while waiting for George to have breakfast.
It rained, and I drove the car first on our long way to Port Nolloth to meet Klipbok,
with Abrahams, Willie, and Rolly as passengers and loaded down with gear. We stopped for coffee
in Clanwilliam, by which time it was sunny again.

We drove along the Olifant (left)
and Doring Rivers, and
had a good look at the beaches,
the river terraces and some
interesting geological contacts.

After dinner in van Rhynsdorp, the final stretch through a bleak but fascinating landscape took us
to Port Nolloth by 20:30. It was actually cold that evening!.

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