OCEAN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING p.64, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography
July 27 -31, 1964: Rain on Monday! Letters from Rose and Rita, confirming definite terminations. Read up on phosphorites. Had Greek dinner with George on Tuesday and took Mercia to "bioscope" on Wednesday. After visits to Immigration, Bank and MDC, I bought Mercia a R 100 ring on Thursday; that evening, "Rockeater" came in, so we had a debriefing meeting and late dinner.
Friday was the last day of a long month, culminating in a 20:00 to 24:00 conference with Dave Smith, John Hoyt and Robin Harvey.

August 1, 1964, Saturday: Spent the day with Robin visiting "Rockeater", discussing research, visiting the secretary, Mrs. Taylor, in hospital to have her galstones removed, dropping him off at his house and chatting with Diane and her many kids. Then off to Goodwood to pick up Mercia and family for an informal engagement dinner in the Sable Room, complete with announcement by Pa, and dances with Mercia and Ma. Afterward, we continued celebrations till I brought her back to her parents at daybreak.

August 2, 1964: No rest for the wicked: had to pick up Mr Ralph Daniel at airport by 11:15, take him first to Mr. Norman Grant of Tidewater, then to office for discussions, followed by lunch at Harbour Restaurant and visit to "Rockeater" (minus engines). This took till 18:00 after which I rushed to poor Mercia for dinner, goodies and slides, thus another late night!

August 3 - 6, 1964: Dave and Ralph flew to CDM leaving me in charge. Prepared evaluations for end of week meeting in Jo'burg. Also "Klipbok" planning with George and Harvey, which included drinks and dinner in a Greek restaurant with a horse-woman whose boyfriend had walked from Denmark to Capetown in 6 months! Met with Prof. Fuller for statistics, interviewed some people for beacon-operator and sent ad to Elsevier in Holland for ship crew and geologists. Visited Mercia Wed evening to go to movies. On Thursday, Ralph - back from CDM - Willie and I visited the Anglo Trimaran at the docks: l.o.a. 46 ft, cost 13, 000 Rands. Had some reservations about working space. Later that afternoon, we flew to Jo'burg, where I stayed at the old-fashioned Park Royal.

Friday, August 7, 1964: Conferred with Dave till 10:00, then extended meeting with Dr. Waters - who had lost an important page - and Ralph Daniel. After a late lunch, I went first to DRL (Diamond Research Lab.), had tea with Messrs Nesbitt and Dyer, then paid a brief visit to Dr. Sichel to talk about "Kriging". Followed a race to the airport followed by a miraculous transformation of Dave from tense and impatient to outrageously lazy and relaxed.

August 8, 1964: We spent the entire day in discussions with Mr. Norman Grant of Tidewater who had some $3-5 million available for mineral exploration, so we ranged from salt and phosphorites to oil and diamonds. After some advice on office politics, we made a quick trip to show him the "Klipbok", too.
So it was not till 18:30 that I could pick up Mercia for dinner at the Restaurant du Theatre, followed by a trip to Seapoint where she had found a fine apartment with Mrs. de Leon, whose husband was a fisherman and artist. We decided to take it, at a cost of R 96 per month, which made Mercia quite happy.
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