p.63, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

Sun July 18, 1964:
Made a tour through Franschhoek, THE Paarl and surroundings with Mercia, and took numerous stereo-photographs.
[unfortunately, cannot put them on the WWW as yet,
so at right is a photograph taken some 30 years later, showing the place to which Mercia's brother Jackie and wife Rika had moved by then]

July 20, Mon and 21, Tue: Together with Harry Getz, a legal council, I drove to van Rhynsdorp for the inquest concerning Dr. J. Wright's death. We stayed overnight in Vredendal and discussed my testimony. Harry knew just about everybody and was an excellent narrator of fine tales. The Magistrate was a fine gentleman, and made the inquest itself rather short, but a long discussion followed to determine the expert fee I was to be paid under the category of "mining engineer": all of R 3.00 per day!
After lunch with Dave Linneker, who received reimbursements of R 60 and therefore paid for lunch, we drove back to Capetown. Although it was an enjoyable tour with many photostops, I would have given anything for Joe Wright to have been with us.
[I more or less repeated this tour 40 years later in Joe's honor]

July 22, wo through 26, sun: My attorney, Mr. Dalgleish, got official confirmation from Rose's that divorce was final on the basis of 'alleged mental suffering.' Thanked and dismissed him, final bill R 50. No comments here about my feelings. . .
Extended discussions with John Hoyt and Jack Mardesich about responsibility and organization of OSESA's field operations and evaluation program(me).
Much of my time spent on statistics, less on "Rockeater" which is in port for repair on engines, keeping Jack very busy; John prepares for his return to the USA.
In staff-meeting late Saturday afternoon, Dave Smith appoints me as second in command, with the title of "Supervising Staff Geologist." Some celebrations, mainly with George and Mercia, and an uncharacteristically dull party at Dave's Sunday evening.
Ask Mercia to scout around for apartment.

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