p.62, Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

Mon July 13, 1964: Picked up Mercia at 10:15, then called and got invitation from Mrs. Rakestraw to meet Dean Norris, herself and friend for luch(eon). That was a pleasant event, Dr. Rakestraw being one of the old-time SIO faculty, now retired and on the way to take the train from Capetown to Durban later to-day! The good mood (rhymes with Goodwood) carried on to later discussion of the topic of marriage . .

Tue July 14: Dave still in Joburg; Erlanger and I on to Lamberts Bay where around 17:00 we happened to meet Clyde Lister who was on his way to Capetown in a R 50 rental car. . . the nose of his Fish (later the device was referred to as "Lizard") had been broken. I discussed the matter over a fine steak dinner at the "Wooden Shoe" with George later that evening. After that we had to climb through the window of his apartment and he loaned me one of Conrad's fine books which I read through the night.

Wed July 15: All day occupied with Klipbok matters, charts, and zero Rockeater results. Long discussion about graphs with Fleming, Clyde and George over drinks late afternoon, followed by good Chinese dinner at "Oriental Rose." We continued to my house where Clyde told us that he had served as UK soldier in Hongkong, then continued bragging about Cambridge til we almost fell asleep, and I took them home at 22:00.

Thur July 16: Discussions with Rolly - who will go on Klipbok as diver - about charts, airphotos, gullies and diving.
Also received a letter from Rose confirming that our divorce was now through and official. I was rather sad about it, and showed her letter to Mercia who also feels sorry for Rose.

Clyde Lister's fine and clear "Lizard" record amply made up for logistical and interpersonal problems . .
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